Academic Wellness Survey – a grassroots sounding of ASC faculty opinion

Dear ASC Colleague,

Our College is facing some serious difficulties and challenges, as most of you are aware. The ASC Faculty have a great deal of collective experience, so their opinion on the roots of our difficulties, and on the best ways to address them, should be germane and useful, especially where there is broad agreement. Our goal is to begin sounding and recording faculty opinion, with an emphasis on determining where there is a consensus of opinion, and where there is not. In order to minimize the effect on busy schedules, this survey, as well as all subsequent ones, will be limited to 10 questions. We begin with a very general survey. More focused pollings will follow.

Included below is a link to the first survey. It was created by a group of ASC faculty members. We have done our best to ensure strict confidentiality. The survey itself is being done through a third-party provider (SurveyMonkey) with no connections to OSU. Moreover, the settings for the survey are such that email and IP addresses are not recorded.

The survey is closed; each link allows the recipient to take the survey once. Upon submission, you will be able to see the real-time statistics for the survey up to that point in time. It is being sent out to 1,000+ ASC faculty with the rank of Asst. Prof. or above, as well as the roughly 400 Emeritus faculty currently listed on their departmental websites and having an email address. Post-docs, visitors, and adjunct faculty have not been included in this survey.

The link will remain active until 11:59pm on 11/30/2015. Upon completion we will be emailing the results to all recipients.

Each question has space allocated for a short comment. More extensive comments (or suggestions) can be sent to


The ASC Faculty Survey Team

PS SurveyMonkey does not offer a method of printing out your completed survey. Those wishing to keep a record of their submission should save a copy of the full webpage as a .pdf file in a secure location.


Author: FaST

The Faculty Survey Team (FaST) is a group of faculty members in the Arts and Sciences College (ASC) at The Ohio State University. The ASC is the largest college in one of the largest research universities in the world.

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