Academic Wellness Survey Summary

  • Q1

    The teaching environment in ASC has been improving over the last five years.

  • Q2

    Research and scholarship have been improving over the last five years.

  • Q3

    OSU’s budget model has served ASC well.

  • Q4

    OSU’s senior leadership has served ASC well.

  • Q5

    The concept that OSU is a business and should be run using corporate strategies and practices is a useful one.

  • Q6

    Over the last five years, the bureaucracy at OSU has…

  • Q7

    During your time here at OSU, faculty participation in the governance of academic affairs and initiatives, faculty hiring, etc., has…

  • Q8

    The idea of ‘monetizing’ OSU’s assets (e.g., the recent 50-year lease of the parking facilities, and the planned sale of OSU’s power plants and power grid) is a good one

  • Q9

    OSU’s major investments in the Discovery Themes is academically sound, and will serve the University well in the long run.

PowerPoint Presentation summarizing the survey results


Author: FaST

The Faculty Survey Team (FaST) is a group of faculty members in the Arts and Sciences College (ASC) at The Ohio State University. The ASC is the largest college in one of the largest research universities in the world.

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