Financial Wellness Survey Summary

  • Q1

    ASC’s purposes, revenues and costs are aligned

  • Q2

    Culpability for the ASC budget crisis

  • Q3

    ASC’s budget transparency

  • Q4

    OSU’s budget transparency

  • Q5

    Faculty participate in ASC’s financial decisions

  • Q6

    OSU/ASC admins funding for instruction within ASC

  • Q7

    OSU/ASC admins commitment to academic and research excellence in ASC

  • Q8

    OSU admin preserves the financial integrity of ASC

  • Q9

    OSU/ASC admins vision of ASC’s financial future

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Author: FaST

The Faculty Survey Team (FaST) is a group of faculty members in the Arts and Sciences College (ASC) at The Ohio State University. The ASC is the largest college in one of the largest research universities in the world.

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