Discussion of ‘Academic Wellness’ at OSU

Help us to interpret the first survey. Clearly there is a strong consensus on nearly every issued raised, be it the ‘corporate’ vision of the university, the growth of bureaucracy, the quality of OSU’s senior leadership, and the impacts on our educational mission.

View the 810 page PDF containing the complete responses

The full set of documents associated with the survey may be found here.


Faculty Survey is now complete

Dear Colleague,

The first grassroots ASC Faculty Survey is now complete. If you were one of the 563 respondents, we thank you for participating. If not, we hope that you will consider participating in a future survey.

As indicated in our initial letter on Nov. 16, we are a small group of ASC faculty members who are interested in determining and communicating the opinions of our colleagues on the many serious challenges facing the Arts and Sciences College, and on the general trajectory of OSU and its administration. This first, deliberately general survey was implemented using SurveyMonkey. It began on 11/16/2015 and ended on 11/30/2015.

This email tells you how to download the results, which are presented in graphical form and are accompanied by a brief analysis of the degree of faculty consensus. As you will see, there was a strong to very strong consensus on most of the issues raised.

The survey allowed respondents to submit written comments on each topic, and we received a total of about 1,400 comments. Many of these comments are very thoughtful and interesting, so we are also making available to you one very large PDF file containing copies of each and every survey return, so you can examine and analyze these comments at your leisure. We believe they are a gold mine of useful observations, opinions, diagnoses and suggestions.

In conducting this survey, we have taken every precaution to maintain strict confidentiality. Respondents personal information (IP address, etc.) was not recorded. Nobody, including us, can connect a specific response or comment to a specific individual.

We have compiled the results made available to us by SurveyMonkey, and placed them in a Zoho Docs folder entitled “ASC grassroots survey 1”. The link to that folder is: https://docs.zoho.com/folder/3jviddcbac16dbd154c97b259a2d323ff5de7

That link will take you to a folder containing 5 items. Select Download. This will download a .zip folder with the 5 items. The total size is about 11MB, so it may take a minute or two. The individual documents and sub-folders contained in this folder are:

  1. SurveyResultsGraphicalSummary.pdf which is what you should examine first.
  2. ASC Faculty Survey Results.pdf which provides a brief analysis of consensus in (1).
  3. CompleteResponses.pdf This file contains the complete responses of the 563 faculty members who participated in the survey, including all their written comments. Responses are ordered chronologically according to the time of their submission. The respondent number in this ordering scheme appears in the upper left-hand corner of each response.
  4. Comments by question This sub-folder contains the set of all comments submitted for each question, with one file for each question (Q1-Q9). The numbering here differs from the numbering in the “CompleteResponses” document; it reflects the numbering determined by chronologically ordering the set of all comments to that particular question (it can be matched to its appearance in the first document by comparing submission times).
  5. Spreadsheets This sub-folder contains the two .zip files “Summary Data” and “Responses Data”. These are Excel spreadsheets with i) a summary of the results, and ii) the complete responses. The second file contains all of the information appearing in the CompleteResponses file, but in spreadsheet form [Note: the “Responses Data” file contains only 561 records, two less than “Complete Responses.pdf”. This is due to the fact that two respondents submitted blank surveys, which were recorded in the first file but not in the spreadsheet]. These spreadsheets are useful for anyone wishing to perform their own statistical analysis of the survey results.

As the creators and administrators of this survey, we hereby place the contents of this folder into the Public Domain. Any recipient of the link for this folder may share it with anyone they so choose, who in turn will also be able to download the folder and its contents. You are also free to transmit these results by other means, such as email. We place no restrictions of any kind in how these documents are used, with the caveat that any publication containing or referencing this work should credit the Faculty Survey Team (FaST) for conducting the survey and organizing and disseminating the results.

We plan to add one or two new products to the Zoho Docs folder in the next few weeks, so you may wish to examine it again in a month or so.

The Faculty Survey Team

Academic Wellness Survey – a grassroots sounding of ASC faculty opinion

Dear ASC Colleague,

Our College is facing some serious difficulties and challenges, as most of you are aware. The ASC Faculty have a great deal of collective experience, so their opinion on the roots of our difficulties, and on the best ways to address them, should be germane and useful, especially where there is broad agreement. Our goal is to begin sounding and recording faculty opinion, with an emphasis on determining where there is a consensus of opinion, and where there is not. In order to minimize the effect on busy schedules, this survey, as well as all subsequent ones, will be limited to 10 questions. We begin with a very general survey. More focused pollings will follow.

Included below is a link to the first survey. It was created by a group of ASC faculty members. We have done our best to ensure strict confidentiality. The survey itself is being done through a third-party provider (SurveyMonkey) with no connections to OSU. Moreover, the settings for the survey are such that email and IP addresses are not recorded.

The survey is closed; each link allows the recipient to take the survey once. Upon submission, you will be able to see the real-time statistics for the survey up to that point in time. It is being sent out to 1,000+ ASC faculty with the rank of Asst. Prof. or above, as well as the roughly 400 Emeritus faculty currently listed on their departmental websites and having an osu.edu email address. Post-docs, visitors, and adjunct faculty have not been included in this survey.

The link will remain active until 11:59pm on 11/30/2015. Upon completion we will be emailing the results to all recipients.

Each question has space allocated for a short comment. More extensive comments (or suggestions) can be sent to ascfacultysurvey@gmail.com


The ASC Faculty Survey Team

PS SurveyMonkey does not offer a method of printing out your completed survey. Those wishing to keep a record of their submission should save a copy of the full webpage as a .pdf file in a secure location.