Survey 2 (ASC Financial Wellness Survey)

The survey consisted of 9 indirect questions on the financial trajectory of ASC, the causes and consequences of the ongoing ASC financial crisis, and issues of culpability.  The 10th query establishes the academic title of the respondent.  For eight of the nine questions (1 and 39) the respondent was presented with an assertion and then asked to strongly disagree, disagree, remain neutral, agree or strongly agree with that assertion.  Question 2 was distinct in that it asked the responder to assess the relative culpability of the OSU administration and the ASC administration for driving the ASC budget crisis.  The results are summarized graphically here.  For questions 1 and 39, the first possible response presented in the survey (corresponding to the left-most bar of the bar chart) is the most negative result or opinion, and the last possible response (and the bar to the right) is the most positive.  So all these plots have a similar polarity.

In the table below we aggregate negative and very negative opinions, and positive and very positive opinions, so as to emphasise the degree of consensus.  We reorder the question sequence in this table so as to reflect the degree of faculty consensus expressed in response to queries 1 and 39.

Query negative
Brief reminder of the question
5 91.46 7.44 1.10 Faculty participate in ASC’s financial decisions
9 91.18 7.71 1.10 OSU/ASC admins vision of ASC’s financial future
4 91.67 6.39 1.94 OSU’s budget transparency
3 86.15 11.91 1.94 ASC’s budget transparency
1 83.93 15.51 0.55 ASC’s purposes, revenues and costs are aligned
8 81.44 16.34 2.22 OSU admin preserves the financial integrity of ASC
6 77.62 13.26 9.12 OSU/ASC admins funding for instruction within ASC
7 73.00 18.18 8.82 OSU/ASC admins commitment to academic and research excellence in ASC

Note: query 2 cannot be characterized in this way

These aggregated statistics are also depicted at the bottom of each bar chart here.

There is extremely strong faculty consensus on questions 5, 9 and 4, a very strong consensus on questions 3, 1 and 8, and a strong consensus on questions 6 and 7.  If we treat the results of question 2 in the same way, the consolidated percentages represent the degree to which ASC faculty members believe that the responsibility for the ASC budget crisis lies with the OSU administration, both the OSU and ASC administrations, or the ASC administration.

Note that 91.79 % of the faculty believe that either the OSU or both administrations caused the ASC crisis, whereas only 8.21 % believe that the ASC administration is solely to blame.


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